An Introduction 

Over time, it has been brought to my attention that I have seemed to have acquired the generic title of “that girl.”

Upon being introduced to a colleague for the first time, establishing a new connection on social media, or bumping into another local in the produce section at Publix, I receive the same greeting again and again: “Oh! You’re that girl!–”

“That girl always checking her watch while doing laps around campus…”
“That girl who is insanely flexible!”

“That girl who used to be a lifeguard…”

“That girl who was extremely shy…”

“That girl who is super skinny…”

“That girl who works downtown…”

“That girl I see running through the neighborhoods of San Marco…”

While it is nice to be recognized, and often flattering to even be noticed at all, I have recently decided to take this default self-association to the next level. Lately I have realized my desire for making a fulfilling meaningful impact, and devoted heart for cultivating relationships. I have discovered the power of transparency and the lasting effects of genuine intentional caring. I believe that there is a distinct difference between being listened to, and being heard. My wish is to be able to be both an encouraging voice as well as a compassionate listening ear, to every being regardless of his or her current stage in life.

Simply put, I don’t want to just be known as “that girl” anymore… I want to maintain this consistent presence for the familiarity it creates, yet wish to elaborate on the quality intention behind the general persona. I have nothing against being remembered as your frequently-spotted active neighborhood gal, but would sincerely be interested in even connecting on an even deeper level.

With that being said, please allow me to kindly reintroduce myself:

My name is Amanda Ranney, and yes, you are absolutely right in your observation–I am undeniably “that girl”–

“That girl” who is indeed an avid fitness-seeker.

“That girl” who may not be the fastest on the road, but who has logged thousands of miles as a dedicated distance runner.

“That girl” who grew up outdoors and left 9 years of elegant ballet for the grimy soccer field.

“That girl” who was raised to bleed orange and blue, yet trekked away to become a true Seminole.

“That girl” who mistakenly thought she had to have it all together.

“That girl” who has faced sharp disappointment, painful insecurity, hopeless set-backs, lying self-doubt and utter confusion.

“That girl,” who after many failed attempts interspersed with mixed and masked emotion, has finally begun to find herself again.

“That girl” who now strives to motivate, educate, invigorate, ameliorate, and inspire…who would jump with joy to serve as your coach, your cheerleader, your running partner, your student, your teacher, your trainer, but most of all…your friend.

Life is surely a remarkable journey, which becomes even more gratifying with others pacing by your side. It is my hope to be able to reach as many individuals as possible on a more personal note, given the time and permission placed before me.

So to all who have been curious enough to venture into these depths of my ambitions, thank you. Here is both a salutation and and invitation to connect from an eager acquaintance formally known as “that girl.”

It is my utmost pleasure to share life with you.

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